Top Ten

Top Ten Album aus der Amazon Bestseller-Liste

1. Swings Both Ways

Robbie Williams

Universal Music, 9,89 Euro

2. The Marshall Mathers LP2 (Deluxe)


Universal Music, 12,99 Euro

3. Farbenspiel

Helene Fischer

Polydor/Island, 9,89 Euro

4. Lieder (Deluxe + Video)

Adel Tawil

Vertigo/Capitol, 10,99 Euro

5. The Wrong Side OF Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell

Five Finger D. Punch, E. Seven, 7,91 Euro

6. The Marshall M athers LP2


Universal Music, 9,89 Euro

7. Bad Blood


Virgin Records, 4,99 Euro

8. Swings Both Ways (Deluxe + Video)Robbie Williams

Universal Music, 14,99 Euro

9. Baptized (Deluxe Version)


RCA Records Label, 8,49 Euro

10. Bon Jovi Greatest Hits

Bon Jovi

Universal Music, 6,49 Euro